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RELX Pod Pro ( 2 Pack )

Relx Pod Pro

Get reacquainted with a familar flavor, enjoy a breath of fresh mountain air. RELX Pod Pro will refresh your imagination about taste buds. With diverse taste choices and comfortable ergonomic design, experience the double enjoyment of touch and taste. Compatible with RELX Infinity and Essential Kits.

  • Dark Sparkle: Cooling and aromatic, this flavour is a good choice for sparkling moments.
  • Forest Gems: Mixed Berry Flavor, bursting with flavors of the forest.
  • Fresh Red: A cooling taste for the peak of summer. This is a simple yet flavorsome fusion with a welcome hint of menthol.
  • Hawaiian Sunshine: Tropical Pineapple, a fresh picked Hawaiian taste.
  • Ludou Ice: By capturing the rich and earthy flavors of mung bean, this flavor is a masterful blend for lasting cooling. Complex notes come together to achieve a coordinating balance with each puff.
  • Menthol Plus: The cooler, stronger sensations of freshness, powered by menthol.
  • Rich Tobacco: Unlike conventional e-liquid tobacco flavors, which taste flat or lack authenticity, Rich Tobacco uses concentrated extracts with refined aromatic components to present a genuine tobacco taste, with rich nutty notes in the mid to end tone.
  • Raspy Ruby: Raspberry topped with menthol.
  • Sunny Sparkle: Orange Soda, feel the tingle and savor the sparkle. 
  • Tangy Purple: Its precise complexity delivers a fresh taste that unfolds slowly, with a lingering fragrance.

Package Contents: 2 pcs/pack