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Yocan Stix Thick Oil Vape Pen

by Yocan
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Color: Black

The all new Yocan Stix is a revolutionary new thick oil vape pen that includes a brilliant leak-proof storage option for your thick oils.  When the pen is not in use, you can attach the Oil Chamber Base Piece and reconnect it to the coil to safely store your oils in a leak-proof container.  The all new advanced ceramic coil provides clean and flavorful vapor.  The 320mAh battery has 3 preset voltage levels and ultra convenient micro-USB charging.  


  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Ceramic Coil
  • Micro-USB Charging


      • Battery Capacity:  320mAh
      • Battery Charging Type:  Micro-USB
      • Oil Capacity:  0.6ml
      • Voltage Levels:  Low (Red), Medium (Green), High (Blue)
      • Overall Size:  4.28 inches X 0.44 inches


        • 1 Yocan Stix 320mAh Battery
        • 1 Stix Ceramic Coil
        • 1 Oil Chamber Base Piece
        • 1 Oil Chamber/Mouthpiece